How Easy Is It to Lease a Car Online?

How Easy Is It to Lease a Car Online?

In today’s era of delivery and contactless services, it’s easier than ever to lease a car online. How easy is it to lease a car online? Let’s take a look!

Define Your Ideal Car

What exactly are you looking for in a car? Are you looking for an EV? A five-person family who drives short distances to and from work along with local errands is going to have different motoring needs than a single person who drives long distances for work every day. Take time to decide what type of car reflects your personal style and motoring needs.

Use Our Search Function

Once you have a general idea of the type of car you need, you can use the search function on Mega Lease to further narrow your search and find the perfect vehicle for you. The search feature helps you find cars based on your budget and your typical mileage. You can choose to use more filters to pinpoint your ideal car based on more factors such as fuel type, number of seats, transmission, and initial payment.

Use the search tool to check for any special offers available on the cars you like the most. If you have any questions about this process, your motoring needs, or a specific car, feel free to contact our leasing specialists to answer all your questions.

Apply for the Lease

When you know which car you want, our leasing specialist will walk you through the lease application process.

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Cost of the Lease

Lease terms vary between cars and funders. Our leasing specialists will help you understand the cost of the lease including the initial payment and monthly payment which includes the VAT. The initial payment is written as a number of monthly payments due upfront. For example, if you choose a car that requires x3 to lease the car, that is 3 times the monthly payment that is due as an initial payment.

A down payment of three monthly payments is the cheapest form of down payment available for leasing a car. You may choose to pay a larger down payment to reduce the cost of the lease monthly payments. There are often car lease deals with exceptional savings. One of our leasing specialists can help you find the most economical options for your budget.

Nationwide Delivery for Your New Car

We offer free delivery in the mainland UK. We always strive to serve you and meet your needs.