What Is Vehicle Leasing/Finance?

Leasing a car means that essentially you rent a vehicle for an agreed amount of time and for an agreed fixed fee.

There are many options to choose from, depending on your own circumstances, and whether you’re leasing for yourself or as part of a business – both of which carry their own benefits.

When it comes to sourcing vehicles for a growing business, leasing can offer a whole lot more than purchasing outright.


Key advantages of leasing

  • To help you manage your costs, we will analyse your particular needs upfront and state your monthly costs in advance, giving you a much more visible and predictable outlay
  • With this lower upfront cost, you’ll have more available cash for your business or to boost your personal budget
  • You can take your pick from a large range of new vehicles, the choice is yours
  • We will take care of the admin work and processes, leaving you more time to focus on your main work responsibilities
  • With leasing, you don’t have to worry about the risk of your valuable assets depreciating and the cost and hassle of handling maintenance is all managed by us


Things to consider before leasing a vehicle

  • As the lessee, you are responsible for the maintenance, servicing and ensuring the proper operation of the vehicle
  • There are contractual limits which have the potential to lead to extra changes to be mindful of such as; mileage allowances and early termination charges that will be stipulated within your contract


Our friendly leasing specialists are always happy to help you find the most suitable vehicle for your leasing needs. 

For all leasing related enquiries or assistance simply call us or request a callback.