Best Cars To Lease Under £300

If you're looking for a great car to lease for under £300 per month, there are plenty of great options out there – and MegaLease has some of the best deals around.

If you are new to leasing a car, or you have done so previously, you may be surprised at just how much you can get for your money when you want to lease a car for under £300 per month.

Indeed, there is an impressive number of models that fall into this price range, and they also offer good levels of quality.

You will find that leasing a car for less than £300 but for more than £200, also means you can access several upmarket brands and a range of body styles including SUVs, electric cars, estates, saloons and crossovers.

Best Cars to Lease Under £300 - the Vauxhall Corsa

For many people, leasing a car is an effective way to get behind the wheel of a vehicle for a reasonable monthly amount.

When leasing, you do not own the vehicle and there’s no option to buy when the contract ends, but this gives you the option of either swapping to a new leased car when your contract ends, or you can simply hand the car back.

Here the MegaLease team looks at some of the best cars to lease for under £300 but more than £200.

Vauxhall Corsa: The Corsa is one of the UK’s most popular cars and the latest version is an impressive vehicle to lease. It’s packed with equipment, is cheap to run and has a surprising amount of space on board. There are some great trims to choose from and for the money, the Vauxhall Corsa car lease is hard to beat.

Fiat 500: The Fiat 500 car lease is a sound choice for anybody wanting to drive a small city car that is packed with style and character. It’s also a practical choice, easy to park and surprisingly spacious. The engines also deliver a nippy motor to enjoy, so check out the MegaLease deals.

Best Cars to Lease Under £300 - the Ford Focus

Having a car lease budget of less than £300 but more than £200, also gives you access to the likes of the Skoda Scala, the Audi A1 and also the excellent Volkswagen T-Cross. We also like the Citroen C5 Aircross and these offerings also impress:

Mazda CX-30: One of the best small SUVs currently available, the Mazda CX-30 car lease range offers cracking value for money. The car offers great handling with excellent levels of agility.

Kia Sportage: The Sportage car lease is also another impressive offering and one of the UK’s most popular SUVs. Drivers get to enjoy lots of equipment and refinement in an all-round excellent package.

Ford Focus: The Ford Focus car lease is a perennial favourite with British drivers, and this is a hatchback to impress. Great handling, excellent equipment levels and refinement make this a sound family car choice, but it will also meet a lot of needs. It’s a hard to beat offering in its segment.

Best Cars to Lease Under £300 but More Than £200

When it comes to finding the best cars to lease for under £300 but more than £200, the MegaLease site is a great place to start your search.

Whatever your budget and requirements, we have a great car for you to lease. For more advice and inspiration, speak to our friendly team.