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Our simple process makes finding & ordering your next car a piece of cake. Simply visit and you can browse thousands of makes and models to find your perfect vehicle. From there you can either order online or give us a call and we'll take care of the rest.


We deliver free to anywhere in the UK mainland. Ask our advisors for more details. 

You can tailor the duration to your individual circumstances, 24-60 months (2-5 years). Any term within this is possible, speak to our advisors.

This will vary by funder but would usually include, passport, drivers license and recent utility bill. For self employed then proof of earnings is often required.

With our immediate stock the cars are already built, but with factory ordered cars this can be specified to your requirements within the range of what car you choose. 

Firstly, there are so many benefits of leasing, including no depreciation worries, getting a new car every time, getting to change your new car every few years, we offer free road tax here at Megalease, fixed monthly payments, flexibility to suit your needs, and of course the number one reason – saving you a LOT of money! Due to depreciation and financing costs on a PCP deal, leasing cars would save people a massive amount of money.

You may be thinking “Is car leasing for me” A lot of people are put off from leasing because they have children or pets and think this will leave them with a big fine at the end of the lease if there are crumbs in the carpet or stains on the leather. But a lot of these things will fall under general wear and you are allowed dents up to 10mm in diameter; scratches up to 25mm – of course with conditions. But it’s possible to have nearly 2 inch scratches on every single wheel that falls into wear and tear. That would be a very different story if you were trying to sell your car for example. Just check out the British Vehicle Rental & leasing Ass (BVRLA for short), for its guidelines on what is fair wear and tear as this is what we follow.

This depends on the type of contract taken, but usually you can either hand the car back, extend the contract or purchase the vehicle from the finance company (dependent upon the funder).

 It may be possible for you to extend your current contract beyond your contract end date. To confirm whether you’re eligible please speak to our team for more information.

To make any changes to your personal details within your contract, please contact our team.



If you notice any incorrect information within your contract, including monthly rental details, personal/work addresses or direct debit account details, please contact our team who will go through this with yourselves. Please do not do this through the contact us button.


Call our DriverLine on 0344 493 7659 if you need information for your P11D.

  • The initial rental fee (between 1-12 months’ rental payments)
  • A standard processing fee
  • Fixed monthly payments until the end of your contract

Generally no, however there may be charges for example if you are making a change to your agreement, you are fined (for example parking fines or speeding offences) or require something that's not included as part of the lease, such as foreign travel documentation- this list is not exhaustive, contact us for full information.


The first direct debit will come out of your account within 14 days after your vehicle has been delivered to you.

Yes, we have a wide range of vans available.  

We offer free UK mainland delivery to home or work. Collection depends on the type of contract taken. For contract hire or personal contract hire and contract purchase or personal contract purchase, the finance company will collect the vehicle at the end of the contract unless you are purchasing the vehicle.

Maintenance is optional on all contracts we offer. Our experience is they are great value for money and great peace of mind. You can discuss this with our team.


Our Maintenance Package includes:

  • No unexpected maintenance bills from the garage
  • Premium brand tyres fitting
  • Servicing, MOT & repairs arranged at your convenience
  • Mobile service vehicle collection and delivery available
No, you don’t always have to pay a huge initial upfront fee. One of the best things about our website is that you can use our filters to find a deal and payment profile that suits you best. On our website you will find many deals where the initial upfront payment is the same as your monthly rental. Also, don’t worry about it costing you in the long run if you have a lower upfront fee, all deals cost the same overall regardless of how many months upfront you pay. 

Mileage options on the website range from 5,000 annual mileage to 30,000, depending on the car. The differences in mileage will mean a difference in price. Every deal on Mega lease is completely unique to you, and you can choose your mileage based on your driving habits and how much you want to pay. If you go over your agreed mileage allowance, you will have additional costs so it would be best to think carefully about how many miles you will need. While for many of us it is difficult to calculate the specifics of exactly how many miles you are doing every year, be realistic about how many miles you may drive in a year, checking your previous mileage and how many you may drive in the next few years – Maybe add some extra miles for a safety net too.

Here at Megalease majority of our leasing contracts include road tax for the entire duration of your lease agreement. Ask our helpful team for more information. 

Please call our DriverLine on 0344 493 7659 to request foreign travel documents.

All vehicles include at least 12 months breakdown cover from the manufacturer although most manufacturers now offer 3 years cover fee of charge. Within the car or van book pack, there will be an emergency number to contact day or night.

We'll only service a vehicle when it is due one. If you have a maintenance contract, use our Service Booking line – 0344 371 8033 – to book work (or you can select the service booking option on your DriverLine).

It’s vital that we control the service slots, so we can prioritise those most in need while your job is handled promptly.

Booking directly with the garage will hamper our efforts to allocate the slots fairly, so we may reallocate bookings if they're not made through our Service Booking line. Please remember to clean your vehicle before handover.

We can provide a courtesy vehicle (subject to availability) whilst your vehicle is in for service or repair if it’s included in your contract, however we can't promise a like for like vehicle.

The vast majority of vehicles that are taken for standard servicing are returned the same day, but if we find work that is to be more complex it may mean that your vehicle is off the road for more than the one day. If this is the case, we would let you know as soon as possible and manage the efficient return of your vehicle.

A courtesy vehicle may be available but we can’t promise a like for like one. We can provide you with a hire vehicle (at a cost) if a car is required.

Adding 'AdBlue' to your vehicle is the driver’s responsibility as it won’t be covered as part of your service maintenance. To minimise nitrogen oxide emissions, regulations (Euro 6) were introduced that mean Diesel Exhaust Fluid ('AdBlue') is now added to vehicles. Typical consumption is around a litre of 'AdBlue' for every 600 miles, but this will vary between vehicles and driving style. An average tank size of 10 litres should last around 6,000 miles.

You'll get a dashboard warning light when your 'AdBlue' level starts to run low and your car’s handbook will tell you how to refill. If you run out, 5 litres should be enough.

Regardless of the mileage you do, most manufacturers still recommend regular servicing based on the age of the vehicle.

You may need to have your vehicle serviced before returning, depending on when the service is due. If it's due before the vehicle is returned, the vehicle would need to be serviced and confirmation provided when handing the vehicle back.


Yes, absolutely. Every vehicle we lease is covered by their respective UK manufacturer’s warranty. For further details please ask our team.

If your vehicle isn’t roadworthy/safe to drive, you could face three penalty points, a fine of up to £2,500 or, in an extreme case, a driving ban. It may also invalidate your insurance if you have an accident and the reason for the accident is due to the vehicle not being roadworthy.

For the full details, you can read the goverment's guidance on how to check your vehicle is safe or review the Highway Code to see what the rules say.

In short, you need to ensure your windscreen, windows, mirrors, reflectors and number plates are clean and you have working lights and brakes before you start any journey.

In addition, you must have fluid in your windscreen washer bottle and also that your tyres are to be correctly inflated, with enough tread depth and without cuts or other defects.

You should also carry out regular checks with your vehicle’s handbook explaining what to look at and when. This includes your oil, radiator level, brake fluid and battery.


If your vehicle is returned with mileage that’s over the contracted amount you entered at the start of your lease you will then receive an invoice based on the following calculation: recorded collection mileage minus (-) contracted mileage = excess miles x the mileage variation adjustment (pence per mile). You’ll find your mileage variation adjustment price in your contract.

Advertising stickers, sign writing, decals (including the glue residue), regardless of size, must be removed by a professional before collection. This should be removed using the heat method and not a sharp implement as this may damage the paintwork.

There will be a charge if the vehicle is returned with any advertising/logos in place and not removed to our company standard.

We would need at least 24 hours' notice to cancel a collection. A cancellation fee may be charged if the notice period is less than this.

All of the items that were provided with your vehicle on delivery should be returned. This includes, spare keys, satellite navigation discs, log book (if you have it) and fixtures and fittings (headrests, parcel shelf etc.). Any items that are missing when the vehicle is collected will be charged for.

You'll need to arrange for collection by calling your DriverLine. If you don't know your DriverLine number, call 0344 4937644.

You'll need to provide the collection address, contact name, preferred date (not including weekends) a minimum of two telephone numbers, one to be a mobile please, the registration of the vehicle and an email address. We also require a minimum of two working days’ notice to arrange a collection.


Yes please, it's a requirement to clean the vehicle inside and out. The collection agent will appraise the vehicle with you and record any damage within a report, which you'll be required to sign.

Ensuring your vehicle is clean removes ambiguity, this helps us to ensure the report is as accurate as possible and also reduces the likelihood of disputes at a later date. With regret, we may need to cancel collection if the vehicle is too dirty for appraisal which may result in costs being recharged.

Putting your own private registration plate on a lease car isn’t a problem. You just need to follow the correct procedure and make sure you take it off before your lease finishes, talk to our team for more information.

Simply call your DriverLine number. If you don't know your DriverLine number call 0344 493 7644. You'll need to do this at least six weeks before collection and we'll complete the registration process for you. Please not that we cannot collect a vehicle with personalised plates unless you advise us in writing that you wish to relinquish your right to the plates.

No - we focus our expertise on offering the best new car leasing pricing and service we can. There are many easy ways to sell your used car such as car buying services, online marketplaces and classified advertising.

You will be contacted by a Megalease representative when it's time to order your new vehicle.

Please contact your customer service team who will speak to the dealer to ensure any change or cancellation will be possible. Cancellation charges may apply depending on the status of the order.

All our cars are brand-new, UK-registered vehicles supplied by dealerships & come with a full manufacturer's warranty

Cars are provided by our main dealer partners from around the UK – we work with all the major manufacturers which means we are completely focused on getting you what you want.

Here at Megalease we source our cars direct from manufacturers we do not have a forecourt, because the cars are not coming directly from us. We suggest you visit your local manufacturer dealership if you want to take a look or even a test drive, then come back to us for the best prices and service!

Lead times vary by manufacturer and by the specification of the car ordered. Speak to your contact for further details regarding lead times.

Yes, you can formally extend your contract by contacting our customer service team, who will talk you through the process.

Vehicle insurance is not included within your contract. It is a term and condition of any finance agreement that the vehicle is fully comprehensively insured and it is your responsibility to make sure that you have the correct cover in place. 

A GAP insurance policy will cover the difference between your insurance payment and the full value of your car, should the car be stolen or written off. This means that you won’t need to pay for any costs if your insurance’s pay out doesn’t cover the entire finance, which with leasing would be the remaining finance owed on the lease. You shouldn't be required to get GAP insurance by the funder through our leasing partners, however for your own peace of mind it may be something you wish to consider.